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So much has progressed in the LGBT world in the passing years and yet there is still so far to go. The rights the community has won are monumental and things are changing for them rapidly. It’s easy to say what you want online but it’s much harder in real life. Sometimes you can’t even tell if he’s gay or bi-curious. People in general are becoming more and more accepting of other lifestyles and as a consequence more people are feeling the freedom to search out these relationships. But how do you know if that hot guy at the end of the street is bi-curious? Fortunately there are a few telltale signs. Keep in mind that bi-curious is not the same as bisexual. Bi-curious people have had little to no sexual contact with anyone of their own sexual orientation. A bisexual person is aware of their orientation and has had relationships and experiences of that order.

Mentioning male/male fetishes and fantasies can be a sign he is bi-curious. (5 Secret Male Fetishes) Even if he says it in a joking manner but does it repeatedly, this is a real sign he is bi-curious because he is thinking about homosexual activities. He may be serious and honest when he speaks of these fetishes. It might be something he isn’t ashamed to say out loud and you’ll know right away that he is bi-curious.

At The Gym To Work Out Or To Look Out
At The Gym To Work Out Or To Look Out

He frequents gyms and bath houses a lot and enjoys the sight of a naked man. If this is an obvious turn on for him, you know he’s bi-curious. He might be more reserved about it but if it’s an activity he enjoys and always seems to suggest, he’s probably bi-curious. Take note of how he behaves and where his eyes linger to get the best idea of what he’s really into. Long looks into someone’s eyes are a telltale sign. All it takes is a few seconds to let someone know you are interested in him.

Be sure to remember that bi-curious means different things to different people. Some men feel it mean being equally attracted to men as women. Other men feel it means they have a faint but real curiosity about sex within their own gender. A person’s sexual orientation is very personal and different for each. Read about a new method for predicting sexual orientation

Another thing to keep in mind when discussing bi-curious males is they are often afraid of being exposed or refused or turned down or all three. Signs with bi-curious men are always very subtle and hardly noticeable which makes things even harder to decipher. The world is much more open to heterosexual couples initiating contact so bi-curious men may not be comfortable showing that side of their personality.

Casual touching can be another sign he is bi-curious. A soft nudge on the elbow or a quick touch on the arm or lower back can mean he’s into you. This will be a stronger sign if there is constant eye contact as well.

Gay porn or erotica is a sure sign he is bi-curious. Even if he never asks you to watch it with him or talk about it, just having it under the bed or in the bathroom is a definite sign he is bi-curious. Even if he picks it up in the magazine isle and thumbs through it, cracking a few jokes along the way, it can be a sign he is interested.

Make A Real Connection With Him
Make A Real Connection With Him

There is no more sure sign of being bi-curious than just saying so. If you really want to know just ask. Make sure to be honest and respectful. Never come off crude, rude or socially inept. Let him know that you have the best of intentions and mean no harm. Make sure to let him know what is said between you too is never going any further and will always be between just the two of you. If he feels your trustworthiness and honesty, he is more likely to tell you the truth.

Making a male on male romantic connection is easier than it has ever been but that doesn’t mean there are no more boundaries. Some people still don’t feel comfortable coming out, at least not to everyone in their lives. It can be hard to tell so start by paying attention to the little things and making a connection the good old fashioned way. Start slow, build trust and a friendship. Time will tell.

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