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The RKC Evolution

t’s not often I stand in a roomful of trainers and feel like the dumbest one in the room. Yet that’s exactly how I felt on day one of my RKC in June 2009.


At the time in Australia there were only five or six RKCs and none were local. Yet all of a sudden not five or six, but eighty hopefuls and about twenty different instructors surrounded me. As each instructor introduced himself or herself I felt dumber and dumber, more and more like I was going to be hopelessly out of my depth.


Fast forward to now, and somehow at the start of the last RKC event I attended it was me standing at the front of the room introducing myself along with the other instructors, and now somehow even in charge of testing and running my own team. It’s pretty cool to be able to share this thing that has come to mean so much to me, both overseas and at home. Obviously, in all organizations things change as people move in and out of a position or new research comes along that shows a better way of doing something and the RKC is no different.

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