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How To Do The Perfect Get Up

Welcome to part two of our six-part guide to performing the RKC basic six exercises. Last week’s installment was on the swing, considered the central lift to RKC training as it also forms the basis for the clean and snatch. In the current RKC curriculum the next lift taught after the swing is the clean. You need to keep in mind, though, that the students at the RKC aren’t beginners, rather experienced kettlebell lifters now learning how to teach others. Because the other central lift to the RKC is the press, we need to make sure the clean is nailed down so that we can deliver the bell to the rack for the press.


But, in the HKC the get up comes next and is usually the next lift you’d teach a client. Here’s why:


  1. It teaches them to link the upper and lower body together through the midsection – essential for any athletic feat.
  2. It will show you whether they have enough thoracic mobility to allow them to press or snatch overhead safely.
  3. It will develop the lockout position at a variety of joint angles building stability for faster movements such as the snatch.

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